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De volgende dokumentatsie steet op Vörlaag:Dokumentatschoon/Doku. [bewark]

This template automatically displays a documentation box like you are seeing now, of which the content is transcluded from another page. It is intended for pages which are transcluded in other pages, i.e. templates, whether in the template namespace or not.


Normal /doc
<onlyinclude>template code . . .</onlyinclude>

Any /doc page
<onlyinclude>template code . . .</onlyinclude>

{{Dokumentatschoon|any template/doc}}
Best practice

The template code should be wrapped in <onlyinclude> tags, and the {{Dokumentatschoon}} template should be outside of those tags. This ensures that {{Dokumentatschoon}}, and any surrounding whitespace, do not end up on pages where the template is used. (Alternatively, you can put {{Dokumentatschoon}} inside <noinclude> tags, but then you need to be careful to make sure you don't accidentally put any whitespace outside the tags.) The parameter can be used as shown above to transclude an arbitrary documentation page.

Categories and interwiki links that apply to the template itself should be added to the documentation page, inside <includeonly> </includeonly> tags.

If the documentation page contains includeonly or noinclude tags as part of the documentation, replace the "<" with "&lt;".


If the documentation page doesn't exist, the "edit" link includes a preload parameter so that clicking it will pre-fill the edit form with the basic documentation page format.


Use of this template allows templates to be protected where necessary, while allowing anyone to edit the documentation, categories, and interwiki links.

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