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Vörlaag:Dokumentatschoon Ünnersied

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Dokumentatschoon för Vörlaag:Dokumentatschoon Ünnersied. [edit]
Düsse Sied beinhold Informatschonen över dat Verwenen, Kategorien, Interwiki Lenken un annere Inholde, de de Vörlagen beschriven.

De volgende dokumentatsie steet op Vörlaag:Dokumentatschoon Ünnersied/Doku. [bewark]


This template is intended to be used for template documentation subpages. See Help:Documenting templates and modules. It includes a notice at the top of the page, and also adds the page to a special category for documentation pages.

This template is automatically added to the documentation subpage of modules, via the MediaWiki:Scribunto-doc-page-header system message. Therefore, it should not be added to the documentation subpage manually.

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