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Dialects are regional or historic (temporal) varieties of individual languages.

See Wiktionary:Spraken and Wiktionary:Spraakfamilien for discussions of languages and of language families, respectively.

Dialectal senses, spellings, forms etc[ännern]

Wiktionary uses {{context}} to label as dialectal:

  1. alternative spellings:
    1. (UK) colour
    2. (US) color
  2. words:
    1. (UK) anorak
  3. inflected forms:
    1. (UK, _, and, _, AAVE) learnt
    2. (US) learned

Wiktionary uses {{a}} (which stands for "accent") to label pronunciations as dialectal:

  1. Vörlaag:a IPA(key): /sɝ/
  2. Vörlaag:a IPA(key): /sɜː/

Dialects in etymologies[ännern]

Wiktionary uses a small number of exceptional codes to represent specific varieties of languages in etymology sections. Some may be deprecated.There is little consensus on how to code dialects in etymologies and etymological categories. Currently, Wiktionary uses codes similar to those from Webster's 1913 dictionary, and stores them in templates prefixed with etyl:.

Codes for dialects and language varieties, for etymologies[ännern]

Name (Wikipedia article) Wiktionary code Comments
American English Vörlaag:etyl:American English (Vörlaag:etyl:AE.)
Anglo-Frisian Vörlaag:etyl:Anglo-Frisian (Vörlaag:etyl:AFr.)
Austrian German Vörlaag:etyl:Austrian German (Vörlaag:etyl:AG.)
Ecclesiastical Latin Vörlaag:etyl:Ecclesiastical Latin (Vörlaag:etyl:EL.)
Koine (Greek) Vörlaag:etyl:Koine
Late Latin Vörlaag:etyl:Late Latin (Vörlaag:etyl:LL, Vörlaag:etyl:LL.)
Mediaeval Latin Vörlaag:etyl:Medieval Latin (Vörlaag:etyl:ML, Vörlaag:etyl:ML.)
New Latin Vörlaag:etyl:New Latin (Vörlaag:etyl:NL.)
Old Latin Vörlaag:etyl:Old Latin (Vörlaag:etyl:OL.)
Old Northern French Vörlaag:etyl:Old Northern French (Vörlaag:etyl:ONF., Vörlaag:etyl:Old North French)
Provençal Vörlaag:etyl:prv
  • In 2007, Provençal's prv was merged by ISO 639-3 into oci (Vörlaag:oci)
Shanghainese Vörlaag:etyl:Sha. (Shanghainese)
Viennese German Vörlaag:etyl:Viennese German (Vörlaag:etyl:VG.)
Vulgar Latin Vörlaag:etyl:Vulgar Latin (Vörlaag:etyl:VL.)

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